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Barolong Seboni's CV

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Particulars

Name: Barolong Seboni
Date of Birth: 27th April 1957
Place of Birth: Kanye
Nationality: Botswana
ID No: 713819801
Contacts: 72125555 (C)
3552672 (W)
P O Box 70404, Gaborone

Details of qualifications obtained
Year Institution Qualification
1969 Bell Lane Junior Secondary Primary
London, U.K.
St Mary’s C.E. Secondary - UK
1973 Moeding College Cambridge O’ level
Otse, Botswana
1977 University of Botswana and BA + CCE
1987 University of Wisconsin - MA(English Literature)

Work Experience
1978-1983: Teacher, Mater Spei College, Francistown, Botswana
1983-1984: Staff development Fellow, University of Botswana
1987-1995: Lecturer University of Botswana.
1995- PRES: Senior Lecturer at University of Botswana

Details of Positions held at the University of Botswana (See above for others)
1983-1984: Warden of students’ residence

Courses taught since 1987:
E121: Language and Communication Skills for Social Science Students
E121 + E111: First Year Literature courses with Communication Skills
E131: Language and Literature. A special course for certificate courses designed for Social Science students.
E212: Introduction to English Literature (shared course)
E333: Issues in African Literature (shared course)
E313: Oral Literature and Modern Poetry
E432: Victorian Poetry
E405: Dissertation Supervision

Research and Publications
1986 Images of the Sun, Madison: African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin – Madison, U.S.A. (With a critical introduction by Professesor Cyrena Pondrom – Professor of Modern English Literature – Wisconsin).
Reviewed by:
Professor Dennis Brutus (North Western University).
Professor Timothy Wangusa (Makerere, University)
“Mmegi” newspaper – Gaborone, Botswana
“ Wisconsin State Journal” – Madison, U.S.A

1992 Thinking Allowed, Gaborone: Morula Publishers Reviewed in “Mmegi”, “The Botswana Guardian”, Gaborone
“Tribute”, Johannesburg, SA

1993 ` (Ed) Songs Screams and Pleas: A collection of New Short stories and Poetry from Botswana, Gaborone: Mmegi Publishing House.

1994 Windsongs of the Kgalagadi, Gaborone: MacMillan Botswana. (With a critical introduction by Prof. David Rubardiri).
Previewed in: “The Scotsman” – Edinburgh, Nov 1993.
Reviewed in: “The Gazette” – Botswana 1996/7

1994 Looking for Tomorrow; Bakamoso Jwa Rona: A collection of poetry on children by children and adults (in Setswana and English)
Gaborone: Bana Ba Africa and Canada Fund.

Botswana Directory of Culture. Gaborone: BCAST.

1998 Lovesongs; a collection of love poems. Morula publishers,
Gaborone, Botswana

2002 Lighting the Fire; an anthology of Literature for Secondary Schools. Macmillan Botswana

2002 An Anthology of Botswana Poetry. Morula Publishers and Black Accents Publications
(Edited with E. Biakolo)
2006 Black Dog. A Brief Autobiography for young readers. Macmillan Botswana.

Poems in the following Books
1979: The return of the Amasi bird, Johannesburg: Ravan Press
1989: Zimunya, M Birthright. Harare, Zimbabwe Publishing House
1990: Dawson, D. Let me be, MacMillan
1989: Rubadiri, D, Growing up with Poetry, London: Heinemann

Poems in Journals and magazines

Since 1975/76 I have published several poems in the following journals, magazines and newspapers: Marang, the Botswana Guardian, Donga, Tribute, The Gazette, Mokwadi, Midweek sun

Consultancies and Commissions

1986: Commissioned by Longman (Boleswa) to select edit and prepare critical notes and questions for a book of poetry proposed as a text or junior secondary schools in Southern Africa. Co-editors are Prof. Njabulo Ndebele (Lesotho and South Africa) and Dr Sihle Zwane (Swaziland).
Project completed in 1988. Book to be published only if adopted by Education Department of any of the four countries – Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa.

1989: Commissioned by Peter Sinclair – Director of Art and Poetry from the Frontline (London, England) to collect and edit poetry from Botswana for their publication of the same title.

1991: Commissioned by S.I.C. an organization that publishes material on African and Southern African culture. Based in Rome, Italy and Harare) to research on information, media and cultural agencies/institutions in Botswana for their data bank.

1999: Commissioned University of Botswana Environmental Education Project to research and develop reading material on environmental themes for the schools in Botswana.

2000: Commissioned by Department of Culture and Youth to develop a database of culture and the arts in Botswana.

2003: Commissioned by Optimum McCann-Erickson to research, edit and compile a book on the history of Mascom in Botswana for their fifth anniversary.

Workshops, Conferences and Seminar papers

1984: “Commitment in African Poetry”: paper presented to UB English Department Seminar.

1986: “Introduction to African Poetry”: Lectured at University of Wisconsin – Waukesha Campus.

1987: “Poetry as a tool in social mobilization”: paper presented at UNICEF National Symposium on Child Survival and Development, Francistown, Botswana.

1989: “Landscape as imagery in African Poetry”: Presented at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair and Writers’ Symposium, Harare.

1990: “South Africa and Botswana: An overlap of themes and images in poetry from Botswana”: A short presentation as a panelist in the poetry on the Frontline and Zabalaza Cultural Festival in London, England.

1993: “The Emergence of Poetry in English from Botswana”: paper presented at the center for African Studies Seminar-University of Edinburgh as Guest/Visiting Lecturer.
Synopsis of paper to be published in their journal.

1995 “Poetry from Botswana”: Centrifugal and Centripetal Influences”: paper presented to English Department Seminar – UB

2003 Presented paper entitled ‘Beyond Borders: Botswana Poetry in the South African struggle’ at African Literature Association International Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

2003 Presented a paper entitled “Why I Write What I Write’ at a seminar of the International Writers Program, University of Iowa.

2003 Presented a seminar to World Literature Course, University of Iowa on Southern African Poetry.

2004 Participated in ‘Poetry Africa’, organised by the Center for Creative Arts, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

2005 Member of coordinating committee of the African literature Conference on ‘English and the Crisis of Relevance’ (University of Botswana).

2006 Co-editor of conference proceedings on ‘English and the Crisis Relevance’ (UB).

2006 Participated in workshop on Culture and Leadership, sponsored by British Council (Kenya).

Handbooks and Unpublished materials

1991: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems from Botswana. I compiled and edited the above handbook for use in Course E213: Introduction to African Literature. The handbook is being considered for publication.
1994: Botswana Cultural Directory Gaborone Morula Publishers

1999: Data Bank on Cultural Organizations in Botswana

2000: Hug the Trees - an unpublished manuscript of creative works on environmental issues and themes.

Research Grants

1993: Awarded a research grant by Botswana Cultural Activities Support Trust to research on existing and active cultural organizations, institutions and associations as well as individuals and groups, e.g. artists, writers etc with a comprehensive bibliography of published works in Botswana. A Report published on completion of project in directory form as a reference material. Funds for the publication of directory included in the grant.

Service to the University of Botswana
1987-1991: Coordinator of Writers’ workshop.
1987-present: Editorial Advisor for Mokwadi, a creative journal of the Writers’ Workshop.
1987-1992: Faculty Representative on the Education Faculty Board.
1988-1989: Executive Committee Member of Academic Staff Association
1989-1991: Member of the MCE Advisory Board Sub – Committee (on proposed degree structure)
1992-1993: Faculty Representative on Social Sciences Faculty
I have also represented Humanities on the following committees: Academic Dress Committee, Conference Committee of Institutes, and Community Services Committee.

In my department I have since my appointment serves as assistant coordinator of First Year Literature, Assistant Coordinator of Textbook Orders, Member responsible for coordinating and teaching literature to certificate courses from FSS. Committee member, Graduate Studies Committee (MA)

1997-2002: Member of the General Management Committee at various times over these five years.

1998-1999: Departmental Tutor

1999-2000: Faculty Representative in FAPRC (Faculty Appointments and Promotions Review Committee)

Professional Service

1977-1978: Editor of Marang journal
1988-1989: Reader and assessor of manuscripts for Heinemann Publishers.
1989-1993: General Editor and Series Editor, Mmegi Publishing House
1989-1990: Poetry Editor – Tribute Magazine (South Africa)
1984-1991: Newspaper Columnist for “The Botswana Guardian”, “The Gazette”, “The Midweek Sun” newspapers.
1990-1993: Undertook a lecture and poetry reading tour of England, Wales Ireland under the auspices of Frontline Poetry – sponsored by various arts councils.
1993: Lecture and poetry reading tour of Scottish Universities sponsored by British Council.

- I have acted on an advisory capacity for Radio Botswana newsreaders course and Schools Broadcasting, Computer Academy of Botswana, Gaboamogwe Private Secondary School.

- Judged various creative writing competitions

- Organized workshops for Writers’ Workshop (UB). UNICEF (1988-1989) and acted as resource person.

- Co-founder of UBS Writers’ Workshop (1975)

- Co-founder of Marang journal of English Department (1977)

- Co-founder of UBScope, the student newspaper and journal (1976)

1999-present: Member of English Literature Syllabus Task Force, Ministry of Education
Cofounder of the Writers Association of Botswana (1980)
2000-2002: Editor and coordinator of the Guardian Learner Educational supplement.
2001-present: Board member and sub committee chair of Botswana National Cultural Council.
2005-present: Co-coordinator and judge of the Alexander McCall Smith and British Council sponsored short story competition.
2006: Facilitator of Writers Workshop at Tlotlo Center, Gaborone

Community Service

Chairperson and founder - Bana Ba AFRICA, A NOG of writers teachers, artists and social workers concerned with child survival and development, initially sponsored by UNICEF.
Trustee and Board member of Mmegi Publishing House.
Chairman of Writers Association of Botswana (2006-)
Secretary of Botswana council for Social Services in 1989.
Radio producer and presenter (Radio Botswana) (1990 –present).
Represented Botswana at Pan African Writers Association Symposium in Accra, Ghana
Represented Botswana at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair Workshop (1984,1988,1989,1993)
On an international level I was a council member of the African Publishing Network (APNET) and contributor to African Publishers newsletter. I am also a founder member of the proposed regional Writers Association constituted in Accra and Harare (1989).
Founder and Chairman of Petlo Literary Arts Trust (2006-).

Training Consultancies
1997-present: Accredited Training Consultant for BOCCIM and facilitation of their course “Effective Business English”

2000-present: Facilitator and consultant for Business Seminars for Tati Land Board.
2000-present: Consultant and Rapporteur for Kweneng Land Board Workshop.

1999-present: Training consultant and franchisee of Working World College Botswana

Translation Consultancies
-Translation of AIDS materials for PMTCT- (English to Setswana)

-Translation of reading materials BOTUSA (English to Setswana)

-Translation of Video Scripts for Community Health Division (English to Setswana)

-Translation of Radio Scripts for Makgabaneng.

-Writing Radio Scripts for Makgabaneng.

-Translation of brochures for the Car Hire Industry.

-Translation of material for Botswana Stock Exchange.

-Translation of 500 Proverbs from Setswana to English for publication of a book (work in progress)